Product Information


Most of our products are made from either Leather or Canvas or a combination of both.

Leather is our first love. The texture, feel, smell and nature of the product has inspired us to create a broad range of products to meet a multitude of needs over the years.

If it’s for the Outdoors – chances are it can be made tougher in leather. We use predominantly commercial bovine hides in both Grain and Split (Suede) finishes and sometimes African Game hides in Genuine Buffalo, Wildebeest, Kudu or Croc. These leathers have incredible properties – flexibile, durable, comfortable – they can be split, buffed, dyed, hardened or softened to achieve the desired effect.

100% Cotton canvas is another of our big favourites and has allowed us to create a whole new line-up of products for the Outdoors. Our most recent development is Waxed Canvas or Tin Cloth. This is a recreation of a natural material used in a by-gone era when synthetics were not available for extreme applications. Waxed Cotton/Tin Cloth was used by Loggers, Trappers, miners and Outdoorsmen in harsh climates as a weather-proof, hard wearing fabric to overcome the elements. Cotton canvas sails were often used, dipped in a blend of oils and waxes to make a tough, durable material for trousers and jackets. We are the only company producing Headwear and Luggage made from this in South Africa.


The most genuine of leathers, as it retains all the natural markings and texture of the original hide, with minimum treatment. Rogue 2mm fullgrains are dyed to colour and treated with a blend of oils and waxes to give a supple yet durable end product, becoming softer and more attractive with wear and age.


Our 2mm Rogue suede is a softer, split leather with a more ‘rugger’ bush look and its own distinct appearance and feel. Available in a plain or waxy option and in a variety of natural colours.


Lighter in weight and more affordable than leather, Rogue canvas hats are made from 100% cotton in a 510g weight, available in four colour options.


Back in the 1800’s Outdoorsmen and Adventurers around the World relied on the strength and durability of waxed canvas to protect them from the elements. In logger’s slang, ‘Tin Cloth’ referred to the stiffness, water resistance and strength of the cloth they made and so it was born – Tin Cloth – made from 100% cotton canvas in a 510 weight and impregnated with a blend of natural oils and waxes. Tin Cloth is a unique fabric that improves with wear and age.


An exclusive range of outdoor gear available in genuine Buffalo and Wildebeest leather. All the game leather used in the manufacturing of Rogue products is sourced from commercial farms or other legal entities within Southern Africa. Rogue supports ethical wildlife management.


Care Instructions

Fullgrain Leather

Leather is a natural product. It contains oils that, if exposed to continuous wet and dry conditions will leach and cause the leather to die and crack. Please re-oil or treat with Rogue Leather Food or leather wax. Allow to dry naturally, not near a fire or heater.

Rogue Leather Food is made from a blend of natural waxes and oils. It can be used on waxy, oily and smooth leather, but is NOT suitable for suede. BUY HERE 

Rogue Suede

Suede leather can be brushed or sanded lightly with a fine sandpaper. Suede leather Vellies may ocassionally be washed and left to dry naturally.

Rogue Canvas

Canvas – Lightly brush off any dust. For minor marks, remove with a damp sponge. Do not machine wash a canvas hat. Canvas Raggies may be washed in a mild detergent.