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Pattern 1976 Vellies and Shoes

Few shoes on this planet (and surely no other on the African continent) embody quite so much cultural importance as the ‘Veldskoen”.

The main thing to note about the Veldskoen is that its wearer would undoubtably rather be going barefoot. But if he or she were forced to wear a shoe for whatever reason (like scorpions, buffalo thorns, weddings or a trip into town) then the Veldskoen would be it. 

Originally designed back in 1976, the Rogue Veldskoen was inspired by the African pioneers of old - farmers, hunters, adventurers - good, solid folk who knew how to get the most out of life. They’d tell you that “Vellies” make an ideal beer mug...and they can also be used to open a bottle of wine. We challenge you to work it out! 

In 2020, our original Veldskoen patterns were re-discovered in a dusty suitcase at the back of the Rogue factory. Over the past 44 years, the same patterns had changed and mutated with each new set. So we made a new set of "Old" patterns. We called them - Pattern 1976 Edition.

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RSH1 Men's Shoe
  • R 1,175.00
RV5 Pattern '76 Vellie Suede
  • R 1,125.00
RV5 Pattern '76 Vellie Tan
  • R 1,160.00
RV7 Raggie
  • R 1,010.00
RL4 Sabie Unisex Shoe
  • R 1,025.00