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Rogue Voucher


Outdoor Gear Since 1974

Designers and manufacturers of hats, footwear, luggage and accessories. Made from fine leather and canvas - inspired by the African bush. 



I would recommend Rogue products to anyone out there. The quality is fantastic and the service is of the best in the business. I will definitely buy from you again. 

Lizae V

Coolest safari hats in the world!

Tom Trimble

Used your gaiters for the first time this weekend, really great product, very happy with it.

William Avenant

Best boots since sliced bread!

Nico Meyer

I now have 4 pairs of Rogue shoes. I want to thank and congratulate you for making this quality product that can make another person’s life more enjoyable.


I am a proud supporter of Rogue Vellies. These are the best bush shoes I have ever worn. 

David Hancock

Got my first Rogue hat at 15, I have never worn another since, only the best.

Ruan Lemmen
Tin Cloth Travel Gear

"Made from our unique canvas Tin Cloth that gets better with wear and age.."

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